I can't live without echo

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I don't know if a day I will can compose a track without all these delay effects, ping-pong and various echoes ... !
For the moment this is what i have done.
The track needs further work on eq balance and volume expressions, but in the last time i am a bit lazy ......

- Good Enjoy to All -
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  • Well, there is one of my favorite buzz-artists back with a track ... A nice thingy for the weekend ... others may lower this ... but ... 10 ... for me, and that's for the nice combination of german, classic, electromusic elements and your typical sound here, and ... that someone can say this is a composition at all, (don't overdo it with your mastering , it is almost perfect for the customer and shows bitrate isn't everything ... ) Ciao e a presto ?!
  • Lizard
    Good track, Paolo yep, mastering needs some more work, but not much. The most important change for me now, would be to make the melody lowder (played by buzzy synth).
  • BHS
    Many thanks for the comments. Ciao.
  • Listener
    Cool one! On my taste there is a real life in that music. BHS you rule !! Let inspiration is never leaves you, man. Aufwiederseen
  • Flos
    Lovely as always! I'm not sure, but considering that 'space' is the genre... I'd prefer some more open reverb, especially on the drums! Cmq... bravooo!!!
  • impressive synths
  • BHS
    Really thanks to everybody for the positive feedback. @Lizard : you are right , the lead part is sometimes too much low. @Flos : about the genre my purpose is to put this track in the spacesynth genre .. Cmq : grraaazzziiieee !!!!. @Buzztler : you are a great with yours comments. @Listener and Jennyrave : thanks for your words good.
  • woah ... this is an impressive synth-cocktail. The sound is that good ... it even sounds great on lap-top-speakers ... and of course on others
  • Man, that's 10 from me, assolutamente dieci! Wise use of synths and a great demo feel. You keep your sound always clean without too much reverb. Keep up!
  • BHS
    Shytan, Schroder : thank you very much, you are too generous. @Schroder : about the good sound on lap-top, maybe you can't believe me but when I try to find the right mix very often I use a pairs of cheap desktop speaker (one of those that you can find on a superstore for about 15..20 euros) and alternating the listening also with a decent pair of headphone . And the last test is on my hi-fi car , that isn't a pro level, but a normal hi-fi car that nowdays you can find on every car.
  • Great one again paolo, funny title It's epic in a way, could be a movie soundtrack. Thanks!
  • Barbara60
    The transparency of the project. ,
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