Soft Light Cloud (BMX)

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And so , voila the BMX for who interested.
Some advise:
Composed with Jeskola Buzz build 1133.
Stuff used: 4 x ZynAddSubFX (VSTi), 1 x 4Front Bass Module (VSTi), 1 x Rgc Audio SFZ (VSTi) with loaded FluidR3 GM.sf2 (Sound font file), 2 x Matilde Tracker that play 3 audio samples from Wavetable, and some standard BuzzMachines for reverb,eq and mastering.
For the SoundFont used by SFZ i think that any GeneralMidi Sound Font can work, i have used the standard DrumKit program(bank 128-program 0). If someone want to try FluidR3 I have found it at this link:
The soundfont file is a zip of about 68MBytes (with an sfark inside). The final sf2 file is about 145Mbytes.
Buzz module (BMX/BMW)
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This work is released under Creative Commons
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  • BHS
    As always : I have used only free software/plugins/samples .
  • Grazie.
  • Thank you for uploading the bmx. I'm very impressed by the "temperature" effect you used in this one and I have some further questions: I like the ZynAdd-synth, but I have only a 2.1.1 for windows! Is there any chance to get a compiled version for windows XP on the web??? I found only 2.4 Linux on SourceForge . Why does the developer not compile a windows version? What is to do with the xml.cfg file you stored in the zip-file, does it work with an older version of the synth? Thanks again!
  • BHS
    Ok, sorry , I have missed some info. Well , the VSTi version of ZynAddSubFx used in this track is : ZynAddSubFX 2.4.0 VST (the dll is named ZynVDX24_VST.dll) and you can find it on the KVR forum at this link I have done many other tracks some time ago with the ZynAddSubFX VSTi builded by Matterblue (try this link or also this If you put an eye at original site by Paul Octavian Nasca, the father of Zyn (at this link you can find the links to the KVR forum). I am sorry, but I don't understand what you mean with "xml.cfg file you stored in the zip" ; the zip that I have uploaded has inside only one bmx file. Anyway, if you need some other help I am here. Thanks for your interest. Ciao.
  • MixxxAd
    Thank you, for your very fast and detailed support! I wasn't able to find the home of "Zyn" or a compiled VST-win version. Now I got it! (May be the xml.cfg is appeared due to my own handling with the bmx-file ). This fantastic synth has a professional user with you, BHS. Ciao!
  • BHS
    I am very happy if other people trying to use and discover this "spaceship synth" , it is capable of incredible sounds and it has a very complicated structure, i have spent many hour over it and I have only scratched the surface of the its capability. I want to send a "BIG Thanks" to Paul O. Nasca because gave us this great freeware synth.
  • Wolf57
    Actually, on seeing the pictures on twitter I was between 80-90% certain that was the place. ,