Just let me flow

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Dubsteppish minimal chilling and raverb-experimenting. Bassline and kick would definitely need some sidechaining, but I'm still studying on that.

The main synth is GTG's kwop.
Bassline is made with bass-station.
Mda ePiano used also. It's mp3 128kbps.
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  • MixxxAd
    I like this one. Sound is pretty good, but not "overhyped".
  • ionisaattor
  • did you use a sample? why i is the sound here so noisy? its not a bed effect, gives them a rainy touch.... i like the song here, its easy smooth and great for chill the rhytam work is great
  • ionisaattor
    It's GTG kwop7 VST with some degrade and exciter Thought it would be cool, but I maybe over do it a little too much. Thanks for comments!
  • BHS
    Very very good. Try to reduce that noise on synth, it is really ugly, and the track will be wonderful. I like.
  • Great, I enjoyed a lot this one. It's like floating in space I liked the drums too. Good spacialisation of the differents sounds. Fairly good use of reverb and delay, very clean work. I agree that the wooshy noises on the synth didnt add to the sound, it disturb it in fact. The same sound but clean would be interesting I guess. 10 for me
  • ionisaattor
    Thanks you very much I shall never overdo that wooshines again!