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Hi, after one week I finaly get my connection working again. During these days I have comited this soft and melancholic jazzy tune. Needs more work but you'll get the idea. As it was big I lowered mp3 quality to 128 kb/s HAPPY BUZZIN' YA ALL
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  • flos
    Nice work mag!
  • Good Listen. The genre and title are well chosen.
  • mic (le frenchie;)
    Very good work, superb arrangement especially from 01:20 to 02:40 !...I dig it !
  • BHS
    A real pleasure to listen this track. My compliments Magma! Your style is at top level here. I hope for further "out of service" of your connection so you can compose other track like this and feed-up BuzzMusic with this hi-level music . Very Good.
  • serg
    good one, mag. i enjoyed listening. sax, drums, e-piano fit in good. i think bass needs more work, it sounds kind of artificial to me, and some parts of e-piano too. but the tune has soul anyway!
  • magmavander
    HI all thanks for the feedbacks!! BHS, feel happy, my internet connexion is out again and I'm writing from an internet cafe Serg, thanks, I will try to correct this, as the song is unfinished, as always...
  • "Yes, you can!!!" What a fantastic track again (glitch ). You were surely inspired by a magpipe again .
  • wow very good track, one of your best I think, everything fits perfect, "needs more work" you say, but this seems finished to me. A keeper for sure !!! I really love this one !!!
  • Really nice indeed ! Great instrumentation & arrangements and excellent mix. So smooth... Yes he can and yes he did !