Dream (original by greenfinger)

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Pattern Man
replaced the drums with a simple and repetitive jazz rhythm and added an m4wII playing a kind of melodica sound ... not much, just a suggestion.
Buzz module (BMX/BMW)
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  • the original drums needed some work, and your jazz drums are a good suggestion.I have something to think about.I will try to work on the drums myself,using your samples.I like the m4wII!
  • Swami
    Neat alchemist work (the drum part sounds great) with this very cool tune of Greenfinger !...thanks Pat !
  • thanks, Swami.glad you like it! I think pattern man's drums suffer ,ultimately, the same fate as my own! assume the original drum parts are a song/tempo guide to to bond the other, midi-played parts together. It is inevitable that the construction drums of a song using midi-played parts, will, by the end of the project , have to be replaced with new drum parts. this song is at this stage. I will try to write some variations,fill and breaks, based on my original drums,( I trust myself ,that I had good reasoning when I originally wrote them!) then I will see if this alone will fix the drums. if this does not work well enough,I will use pattern mans jazz-drums suggestion. If any one wants to make some very complex drum editing for this piece, please try! I ask only this ,try not to alter the bass patterns!(pattern mans m4wII can stay in), instead please work on the drum only! It wont be easy!! I wish you luck!
  • well, this is a very common problem you are talking about - rigid timing and human feel/groove. i was a drummer and i always hated recording in a studio when we had to play all parts seperately to a metronome track.
    but here your bass is simply a little off/ramshackle sometimes although still pretty good for a 'live session') and that's hard to compensate with drums. you can try to fill these parts with variations and accents, but you have to stay in the groove. that's why i tried to add a very simple and strict beat, which, imo, works quite well, because it keeps the beat and distracts from the bass-offs.
    besides that i didn't like the sound of your drums, but that's surely a matter of taste. i don't know if i have the time to make a more complex rhythm section for this song soon.
  • 'kibibu Stereo Gain (alt)' is missing. The kibibu site is under reconstruction. Dont know where to get it.
  • mcg
    I have analysed your piece (.bmx). It is good Buzz work. It is loud, sound is clear. Too many machines is used for me. But it is Your business! Let's get down to brass tack! Your drum set is really jazz set. It sound very jazzy. But composition is not jazzy. It is boring. You have very good sens of sound, but You very need inspiration. I say this most emphatically - You heve very good sens of sound, so You should make music.