Ad Astra (short sketch)

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A short preview trancy thing made with rgcAudio's Triangle II synth, buzz gens and some voices from TTS interactive demo.
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  • Excellent but... to short
  • froggy
    I'm waiting for the long version !
  • Unfinished Masterpiece!
  • Good Trance gives you shivers and somehow brings vivid memories back of Glowsticks and little magic pills with various symbols on them that cost around 30 bucks a piece and made you love everyone. This song gave me mad wicked chills and passes the Retired Raver test of Trance Goodness.
  • [anonymous]
    Vpe4atlaet! Horoshee na4alo.
  • Not as good as "A Place Called Hell - part 1" i.m.o. but nice to listen too. Very trancy and trippy melody with the triangle synth. In fact it reminds me a little bit of X-Press2's Kill100...The original tune would mix perfectly with this.
  • Trance isnt really my cup of tea, but it sounds pretty nice! I would go a little more easy on the compression. Its a little overcompressed imo. Keep it up
  • Thanks for comments. To Shroom: I always overuse compression. This time it was BG Compressor.. But thanks for the remark anyway. I'll try to use it more wisely in the future
  • BHS
    Wonderful, great Shytan. and ... yes, less compression maybe is better !!
  • Lizard
    Yeah, cool one. Which synth did you take for the lead (I mean this typical supersaw trance one)? Is it a buzzsynth?
  • Tetard
    for the lead : rgcAudio's Triangle II synth
  • Sounds very promising but never actually takes off! Where is the full blown chorus??? This track is absolutely great.... so far as it goes! I'm a massive trance fan and I see potential in this track, but you need to get beyond the atmospheric intro and get it airborne somehow... oh, and I think you should loose the cheesey "transition 3,2,1" vox sample, just my opinion!
  • He-he the vox sample really doesn't belong there.. Don't know why I left it.. As a test perhaps..