Moments In Love (by Art of Noise - Shytan's version)

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One of the "oldies" buzzed by me some years ago. A theme by Art Of Noise. Totally re-created in Buzz.
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  • I rember the bmx of this, nice sweet theme.
  • pretty good ! i remember and listen sometimes that cool bmx too. Oleg, v Enakievo prie3jat dumaesh ? soobshi kak nadumaesh
  • Thanks for the comments. 2 BeeKeeper: skoro... tut vot raboty snova privalilo.. razgrebaju...
  • I have played all the versions of moments in love in my lifetime had the 12" vinyl record, the cd's etc. And I must admit at first I thought, O no! this is impossible and as the original is engraved in my memories, I was afraid I couldn't listen to it objectively. 

    But from the start till the end I ended up really Liking this version. Nothing like you expect from from rapist such as Synthesizer Greatest Albums where they make a puny recompilation f some of the greatest synthesizer guru's such as vangelis, jean michel jarre etc. This version is definately a great tribute to the art of noise, carrying forward its spirit. The lighter strings in it in comparison to the original give it even more emotion. I was constantly wondering if you would get the conga's right but you captivated all the emotion in that as well especially the pitched conga. at 3:50 there's more of a use like buzz like sounds, but in a good way. Its a matter of taste i suppose but I would have liked to see the stocata played on thefar left to be more panned towards the center. When the piano gets back in everything falls in its place again. The only thing i am missing is the nice choirs. Good work Shytan, I enjoyed it a lot.
  • [anonymous]
  • Impressive rendition of this wonderful song ! Very nice arrangements and instrumentation and a well-balanced mix.
  • After listening to the original "Moments in Love" on youtube to re-familiarize myself with the song from the mid 80's I listened to this. Firstly, fantastically well mixed and mastered. A really relaxing and ambientesque track to listen to which progresses micely throughout. The only thing I missed which I think really should have been added to the remix is the all important soft synth lead which goes:- de-de-de-de-di-di-di-do-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da....It's just i.m.o. that was an integral part of the original....a bit of a pity there I feel:|
  • Superb!!!
  • Spartacus
    can one find the original in mod/it/xm or bmx ?
  • Thanks for your very detailed feedbacks, folks In fact this re-mix is based on 2 parts of the original song. I just fused them into one. The "da-da-da" synth was too hard for me to emulate at the time, so I left it behind. Percussion was adjusted manually, except for the "hit" sound in the middle part , which I ripped from the original. The original BMX should be on my home PC somewhere. Drop me your email and I'll mail it.
  • I was gonna download this but after reading the comments I find you've left out the main softsynth riff, I'm not going to bother, sorry! The "do do do do da da da din dah dah dah dah dah" is absoultely ESSENTIAL for this tune! Sorry!! :oP
  • No problem
  • Nice remix shytan! I would have preferred the staccato synth too but its not a biggie
  • omg I just watched the video on youtube. Wierd 80's video.
  • Thanks. As I said, that's an oldie. But I like the melody..
  • Wow.  Amazing version....
  • Admin
    Thank you. ) Yeah, An old one...