Alien Invasion (Final Master)

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Sjef van Leeuwen
Classical Modern
Final Master  (from analog mixdown version) on the Vertigo VSC2 (hardware analog quad VCA compressor)

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This work is released under Creative Commons
Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives (by-nc-nd)

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  • BHS

    Astonishing and awesome !!!
    Absolutely pro-sound, the instruments are incredible good and clear, the structure and the arrangement are enviable.
    You have got many professional gear (daw, mixer, analog devices, etcc..) and also a big skill into music composing.

    You can do a call to Steve Jablonsky (for example "Arrival To Earth" Transformers soundtrack) and ask if he need some ideas for a soundtrack !!

    Great Sjef -  really great !

    Ciao. Paolo BHS.


  • Thank you Paolo!
    The final video can be seen on:
  • BHS

    Just watched the video some hour ago.
    Really incredible how much work is needed for this amazing final image.
    The video with your music is very cool.
    My best compliments again.

  • Very cool music. Asolutely great !