Stone Circle

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had a long break from buzz, started again, did this. simple setup, uses SeqStep. No samples, comments & mixes welcome.
Buzz module (BMX/BMW)
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  • Man! This track is cool, i like the jeskola bass and the pearl drum tomtoms. Nice clear sound and feels so energetic... but starts a little bit slow. After 7424 the piano and infectior "dialouge" is fantastic!
  • Professional sound yet simple... .PERFECTION!
  • Long time I haven't listened to such a long song It was a great trip! I enjoyed. Very good work on sounds. A must dowload!!
  • great emotional quality in the sound... high level buzz art, collector bmx.
  • Well well - this is a very 'Shytanesque' track full of ambient grooves. I like the subtleness of the percussion and the flowing pads. The slow build-up gives the track time to develop and generate the main mood of the song. The demi-quavered string synths have been well programmed and are a good variant to the track. 

    However I did feel that some EQ on the Flunk or SD dynamics to separate the bass and flunk frequencies may have prevented the ailiasing distortion which I felt was the only thing a little annoying on the track. But I really enjoyed the chilled out journey on this - reminds me a little of my Stonehenge to Cosmos track which undoubtably involves a stone circle along the way.

    Overall, very good work and this is one which will go into my MP3 player has a favourite track from another artist. I'll therefore rate this track with a 9.