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Mr.Dadrox  :"I have a lot of unfinished stuff''....tell me about it....Sorry for the name of track loop.It doesn't have any name bmx yet.This bmx loop I never finished from 2004. I found it on my HDD and uploaded.Nothing changed from that year.Sorry for the peak,clipping,compression,limiting and everything rubbish...It can be loaded as 48 kHz sample rate or 44.1 kHz sample rate I think.Arpman version 0.8 not important.Freeverb missing.EDIT: You can use this bmx,remove synth machines,change everything and make your own track ofcourse
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  • Top loop Really good. But the M4II was crashed. This machine always crashes on my setup, dunno why   I replaced the ArpMan with the version I have, kept the notes and played around with. But I had a noise burst and then Buzz crashed...Anyway, superb loop!!
  • Thanks Mag.In my setup M4II is working good(wow,it has own Editor window?).I have read about M4II on forum,someone has issue with this machine too.In my case Shaman Chorus effect always crash Buzz when I try to load.I tried to disable multithreading in gear xml file,but it doesn't help.Yes, ArpMan is older version v0.8.
  • The M4II crashes here, too. Not the first song here if I remember rightly. Your loop sounds as if you could make a good grooving song out oft it Have to look for the zephod drum machine first ...
  • Alright.  I have the .BMX up and running...I'm a little rusty at BUZZ... but I'll give it a go.
  • okay... missing a lot of gear.  I might be able to list it all here...bu it seems like I am missing a lot of gear.   Help me out Brothers....where is the gear stored?
  • The gear folder is stored more or less like this C:Program Files (x86)JeskolaBuzzGearYou can find still all machines here :http://buzz.robotplanet.dk/The machines used in the song (list made with BuzzScan utility) : [    1] Master[    2] 7900s Pearl Drum [exists][    1] Zephod VoidBass [exists][    2] FSM Infector [exists][    5] Jeskola Ninja Delay [exists][    3] Zephod DDM-110 Super Drums[    2] Saxpy's HT-700[    2] Sonic Verb [exists][    2] Q Brainwaves [exists][    1] PSI Corp's DrumAnd(b)Ass[    1] Rout 909 [exists][    1] cheapo spread [exists][    1] Automaton EQ-7 [exists][    1] Jeskola Freeverb [exists][    1] HD GARAGE  (hd.gut.ru - hdd@nm.ru)  [    2] HD HALYverb  (hd.gut.ru - hdd@nm.ru)  [    1] Zephod VoidSynth [exists][    2] Zephod HT-700 drums [exists][    1] Rout 808 [exists][    1] FSM ArpMan [exists][    1] Automaton 2-pole [exists][    1] Rymix FlaserBox [exists][    1] M4wII.dllIf you need help, just ask
  • Sorry the text is a bit difficult to read
  • C:Program Files (x86)/Jeskola/Buzz/Gear
  • Thank you Mag for explanation!@MrDadrox:If you are new Buzz user,I would like to recommend some videos from Mag, I hope I can post it here the link if Mag agree: https://www.youtube.com/user/magmavanderThe gear pack you can find at: http://forums.jeskola.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2513Let us know if you installed success
  • missing machines: Superdrum although 1 is found ??, also freeverb
  • Freeverb is for old Buzz only I think.There is no alternative machine.I tried some freeverb,but it just make some big noise..
  • Hi HF. Try to search Zephod drums machines: HT-700 Drums,SA-20,DDM-110.Link:http://buzz.robotplanet.dk/search.php?q=zephod
  • Thanx. I have the drums machines, but only the first instance of superdrums is loaded ??see here: https://ibb.co/hMn92NQ
  • These two drums are Zephod drum Casio SA-20
  • In my gear generator folder I have named : Zephod SA-20 Drum .dll
  • It should looks like this: https://i.ibb.co/w48J2xJ/4-11-2004.jpg
  • "In my gear generator folder I have named : Zephod SA-20 Drum .dll"zhanx, that was info I needed. Its strange, doubbleklick on the drum3 and drum2 machine showed 'zephod ddm 110 superdrums' !! That means buzz shows the wrong machine sometimes, if missing.
  • Great!,you have it.Finally it was renaming problem.Same to me showing this on doubleclick. There is a big mess sometime about renaming machines Thanks HF for interest!
  • If you share bmx never rename machines  I have the same thing happening here : if I double ckick or right-click on the machine and asking "About" it's all DDM 110. BUt anuway it works I noticed that you used 10 different drum machines here :-o What is cool with new Buzz is that now you can make one pattern with all the different  drum patterns in one place.
  • Apologize to you all
  • no problem. keeps me curious !
  • Hey, no problem