Electric sheep

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won the solskogen 07 streaming music competition.
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  • BHS
    AWESOME !!! Absolutely incredible. If you can tell more about stuff/tech used here (is all done in BUZZ ?) Great respect ! You are very skilled.
  • BHS
    The main riff (brass and string) is very similiar at something from the '70. ..... Goood !
  • sehr schönes stück und klingt üüüüüüberhaupt nicht nach midi *duck* *wegrenn* ist alles perfekt hier, nur was mich nen bischen stört im gesammt bild sind die becken die klingen irgendwie draufgesetzt. ansonsten wilkommen in der lustigen runde hier ich glaub du könntest dich mit magma und th0ke kontakt aufnehmen und mit denen was bastelln, vor allem magma ist mehr in richtung jazz, funk usw.
  • babel
    monoton said: honor beautiful piece and does not sound üüüüüüberhaupt not after midi *duck* *wegrenn* is everything perfectly here, only which disturbs me nen little in gesammt the picture is the basins sound somehow draufgesetzt. otherwise wilkommen into merry round here I believe you could with magma and th0ke contact take up itself and with those which bastelln, above all magma is more toward jazz, radio etc.
  • mono
    ui babel you have a bad day? what a translation
  • babel
    ...sorry, mono, for the translation...
  • lol... "after midi"
  • thanks for your comments. there is always something to learn. ofcourse everything was done in buzz. for the guitar and bass i used some vst like stratavar and 4front bass wich is free. the vocals in the beginning are actually from the movie "total recall": but don´t tell anybody! degration/reverb/distortion/eqing are buzz fx. always using a limiter at the end of the chain.
  • and the e-piano is also free and by 4front. http://www.yohng.com/ sometimes you are looking for a specific sound and there it was.
  • Great one again, my favourite Funky, with a cool rythm and a lot of great details. Can we expect a bmx ? I think I have the vst. If the file is too big you can upload it here : http://www.zaphoid-music.net/buzzmusic/ zaphoid offers us a 20 Mb limit in file size on his forum (or is it 40 ? Zaph ?). Anyway, superb song, thanks to share!!
  • ioni
    Somehow the bassline tells me that you have done your homework with Sly & the family Stone You use the synths awesomely good  the basic structure (in all of yer tunes) is in order “May the funk be with you”. Thanks fo this.
  • Lizard
    You've uploaded 3 really cool tracks here. I'm enjoying all of them. Fresh and funky
  • Very nice indeed. Well produced. Fresh and lively. Thoroughly enjoying this!!
  • I agree with BHS, AWESOME!