Northern Breeze (rerelease)

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This is a very old song that I wrote back when I called myself the Peacefulwarrior. I only have one song under my old alias and you can get the bmx of the same name under that name. I thought I would re-release it because I had forgotten all about it. I listened to it again and couldn't believe that I had written it! Ever do that to yourself? Anyway I hope you find it as surprising as I did the second time around. You might find it a bit cheesy but the bass riffs are cool and old machines used like the tb4004 will take you back
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  • Your song sounds very well for my ears, the melody is perfect and the sound mixing is good.
  • BHS
    Good, relaxing and warm sounds, compliments. If you have got other old songs of this type try to resume ... the result seem me very good.
  • Excellent work, cool song!! I enjoyed a lot
  • wow thanx! I didn't think ppl would like
  • Beautifully mixed and composed track. Thanks for uploading.
  • Back then I was smoking alot of Pot and doing meth. hmm maybe I should start back up huH? just kidding..... what a nightmare
  • Fantastic song. It is relaxing and warms sounds
  • alterFrosch
    A beautiful nice song, it's structured well, I like it !
  • Ah yes, I wax nostalgic about such nightmares as well. Nice and laid back one.
  • sounds nice.. i especially like the middle part. i would suggest making your kick a bit beefier, add some low end to your bass and it would be kick ass. nice melodies and nice mood. sometimes old tracks can be better than new ones... lol... it's all in that moment.