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Initially played on guitar, which I then replaced with ePiano because of the old muddy strings The voice is taken from a Breakbeat vocal sample collection. Don't mind the lyrics, I just liked the voice.
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  • Perfect!! Hmmm, I know these samples
  • BHS
    Really impressed ! This is a incredible track ! All is so nice, relaxing, smooth, ultra-clear. The intro, the minimal melody at begin and then at about 01:00 the grand open with epiano and the synth arpeggio that jamming togheter. The bass is beautiful with this freetless timbre. Only one thing: at the 01:00 when begin the kick bass drum all the sound is chocked at every kick and for me disturb in a heavy way. This is a tipical master overcompression of "Shytan style". Try to better balance the kick drum and here you have a track 10 and lode. My great respect Shytan, you are a very good musician .
  • the non-registered…
    A good pleasant track, a demonstration moreover than the Ogg format sounds better than the mp3. Can you give us some details on the instruments used here ?
  • Thanks for the comments. About the compression, .. here as always, I applied it too much I used ePiano and dmiHammer (for some percussive sounds), a sampled 303 for the bass, HD Gen Station Ultra Pro for apeggiating sounds. The drums are made with samples.
  • !!!
  • very very nice i cant fight the feeling, but yes over compression in a weird and like sub-sonic way
  • A wonderful track Shytan. Great vox mix and some really nice ideas put to imaginative use. However, I have to agree with others about the over-compression used over the bassdrum - it kind of makes the rest of the track dip unnaturally which spoils the flow a little. Why not try simply EQing the high frequencies out and maybe pan more. Do this and I feel you'd be getting some awesome attention with this little number!
  • nice piece , but really beautifull track. I love that voice too. I have heard more overcompressed music here while nobody commented that. I easily think that it's overcompressed I think. Not as perfect as vaisnava's track the other day, but remembering your tracks you allways show that you have it in you as well.
  • i absolutely love that bassline man... that glide is so perfect
  • Wonderful track. It sounds very subtle. I like it. I noticed an anoying bummer at 02:55. Listen carefully to the voice, ugh... that hurts a bit. But everything else is OK.
  • szaszhareen
    i think the overcompression adds a cool dimension. the vocals are incredibly beautiful. i love this song.