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Skale Tracker online

Well, some might have seen it, some not. Anyway, recently I've discovered the online version of Skale Tracker, once very popular amongst MOD/XM musicians. Development was stalled for an unknown period of time, though the 0.81 version is still available for Linux/Windows. Now you can play around this oldsk00lish music…


Podcasts on BuzzTunes

A new section has been added to the site. Click on the "Mixes" menu link to download/listen. Currently there are two types of podcasts available: a static downloadable mix by Xaphoid and a daily podcast (basically an RSS-feed) where tunes will be grouped by genre. The latter has been tested on iTunes (win32) and Rhythmbox (Ubuntu). If you find any…


BuzzTunes Mixed Podcast by Xaphoid

Hi! Xaphoid here. As some of you know I'm putting together a Mixed Podcast of good Buzz tunes I find here and, in some cases, other places as long as they're made by a person affiliated with the community in some way. I'm having a very hard time coming up with a solid list of tracks that make sense together. If anyone has any goodies they want…


Search filter on music page

A small feature has been added to the site — search filter. Lets you specify which tunes to display filtering out the rest. Pretty simple. Once enabled, the filter remains active until you explicitly disable it or log out. A notification will be hanging above the tunes list showing the results count.


BuzzTunes on Twitter

Hello, everyone! BuzzTunes is now on Twitter. Follow latest events at Updating is not automatic for the moment. This will be fixed as soon as I get some more free time.


Upload remixes functionality restored

The title says it all. Use the "Upload remixes" panel for collaboration uploads. Works just the way it used to on the good old BuzzMusic: first you type the original tune title, then select a tune from the search results list and submit your file.


2000 tunes uploaded

Hello everyone. Today the 2000th tune was added to the archive. No big deal, one might say. Anyway, thanks go to all authors and contributors who have been creating great music and sharing it here.


Inside Synthesis

A really informative blog about how FM and modular synthesis works.  Reviews, illustrations and demonstrations covering both software synths and hardware equipment.  In short, a good site to keep in your bookmark list.


Buzz Tips & Tricks, a minimalistic video tutorial by Magmavander

Here's the first "Buzz Tips & Tricks video tutorial by Magmavander. Basically it's a "how to" covering the side chain compression effect in Buzz environment. It's simple and minimalistic. Watch it on YouTube. The next issue planned is vocoder. Stay tuned.


Links made more human-readable

Introducing changes to the URL system for tunes. Just to make links to the tunes pages more self-explaining, human-readable and SE-friendly. No more /music/author/tune-1234 stuff. Something like, for example, is far more suitable.