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We Are The New Underground   (1 comment)

A new group for promoting electronic music is born. It is called WEATNU: We Are The New Underground. What they do: WEATNU is like a "Swiss Army knife" for the electronic musician, from PR, promotion, features, reviews, interviews and more. You can learn more on the official website. There is also a WEATNU group on Soundcloud and a WEATNU radio. 


The New Year 2015 house mix   (1 comment)

This is Xaphoid speaking! Here's another fresh New Year 2015 house mix featuring exclusive tracks from Wayfinder. He is the former webmaster of the legendary Buzzchurch website, now in the annals of history. Thanks go to him for his contributions to the scene. Wayfinder is featured on this podcast with his express permission with some…


BuzzTunes mixed podcast (December 2014)   (3 comments)

Warmest greetings to all you buzzers out there! The year 2014 is coming to its end. Hope the next one will be happier and more peaceful... In the meantime, here's a new podmix for you. Big thanks go to Xaphoid. Droning 153 by Louigi Verona Chimera (intro) by Shytan Melloo Tronic by vacuum Queen of the Crows feat. CiggiBurns by vacuum Hypnotize…


BuzzTunes is back   (8 comments)

BuzzTunes has been yet again moved to a new hosting location. Restored from one of the latest backups, so only four or five tunes were lost (sorry, Magma). Plus two latest podmixes are missing, hope to recover them soon. The site is working from Amsterdam this time, so I hope response time will get shorter and download speed higher :) Stay…


Website accessibility   (1 comment)

Hi all. There have been several accessibility problems with the site for the past two weeks. Electricity supply issues mostly. As you might know, there's a war going on in the East of Ukraine. The city of Donetsk (and that's where the BuzzTunes server is currently located) is expected to be attacked soon. I'm keeping all data safely backed up (just…


BuzzTunes mixed podcast (May 2014)

Greetings to all of you, buzzers! Long time no mixes on BuzzTunes (really, a very long time) and here's Sjef van Leeuwen with a new mix of community tracks of different genres: Sakura by qfactor (Evenchords), Chillaut by djanc, Neotrance by lizard, Pocketfish by DeeKyoo, Push n Pull by sparschaeler, Skeptical (Xiond vs…


SunVox 1.7.4 released

A new Sunvox 1.7.4 (along with a quickfix 1.7.4b version) is out there. There's a huge list of changes and fixes, too long and pointless to copy/paste here. Get a free copy for your favorite OS at Sunvox website. 


The New Year is dawning and with it a new BuzzTunes contest!   (11 comments)

Hello and Happy New Year to all fellow buzzers out there! A lot of great tunes have appeared on the resource during the year 2013 and a good bunch of talented musicians joined our little crowd here :) So let the next year bring us more music, positive emotions and creativity. Speaking of creativity, a new contest is up and everyone is…


First BuzzTunes contest is over   (1 comment)

Hello, everyone! The first contest is over and we have our winner — "Ferrari not allowed" by Magmavander! Big thanks go to all the participants and those who took time to listen and vote. Time to decide on the next contest, so I urge you to leave your suggestions in the comment section of this news article. 


The 500Kb bmw contest   (8 comments)

Hi all! A re-post from the Buzz forums, actually, so as to let everybody know. A new Buzz contest is on. The rules are as follows: an album with 6 songs minimum; 500 KB album size (zipped); no samples, no external machines, no VST; deadline is the 21st of June. Everybody’s invited to join up! Updated: the page for this contest on BuzzTunes: