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BuzzTunes releases at

Hi all! Xaphoid here. Just wanted to make everyone aware that is starting to watch what is released here at BuzzTunes. Some of my songs have been featured and likely some of yours too! Some are in the rotational as well. Let us support the buzz scene as part of the larger scene by voting and commenting there: (e.g.


A new Buzz forum   (1 comment)

Hello, everyone! In case someone still doesn't know, our community got a new forum after buzzchurch had mysteriously disappeared a few days back. So go to and get registered. PS: still planning to add some sort of forum to BuzzTunes, something more functional than a messageboard at BuzzMachines, for example, but…


Music tracks from BuzzTunes featured in Brighton Techno Massive   (5 comments)

Hi all, I have, over the last few months, been working as a DJ at a couple of fairly large techno shindigs in the Brighton area and have been playing quite a lot of rather good tracks obtained here on BuzzTunes. I therefore feel the need to relay how well these tracks went down to the artists who produced them. Here are the two DJ sets released…


BuzzTunes mixed podcast (October/November 2011)

This time you're in for a funky treat. I've inlcuded many genres from techno, breakbeat and laserdance to 80's revival, trance and house. Lots of Hamst3r stuff in the mix. Go get his monstrous rar package of his old but awesome tracks. Check out the podcast page or download the whole thing right away!


BuzzTunes has been moved to a new server   (5 comments)

Hello, buzzers! The site was offline for a while, sorry for that. Now running on a brand-new server. The disk space is virtually unlimited now, the good old apache/mod_php have been replaced with the latest nginx/php-fpm, fast and secure. More site updates will follow during November (engine upgrade, "smarter" caching, background jobs,…


Post your suggestions for the new podcast!   (4 comments)

Hello, folks. Xaphoid here. OK, I'm doing a poll of everyone's favorite tracks for the next podcast. So far I have selected a few tracks I like. This time it's your turn. Please post your favorites in the comment section below. It can be tracks from BuzzTunes or TraxInSpace. And please don't forget to provide links.


October software updates

Jeskola Buzz build 1400 is out, thanks to the auto-update most of us already know that, but anyway. The latest build brings us more sequence editor fixes. Vytautas Jančauskas, the main developer of Neil Modular Tracker has also introduced some updates to Neil's sequence editor — check out the new prototype. Another big addition — the…


BuzzTunes mixed podcast (September 2011: trance & house)   (2 comments)

After a short period of silence Xaphoid has released a new mixed podcast on BuzzTunes featuring trance and house tracks. Check it out: Juntos by Lizard, Soft Raindrops by Lizard, End Of Days by Wayfinder, Titan by Deekyoo, Routing Love by 2ka, Voices Of K.A. by Sjef Van Leeuwen, I Broke My Fast…


Some fresh VSTi links from Xaphoid

Hello, folks! Xaphoid here. Some of you might want to take a look at A number of really nice sounding VSTi are available for download. Piky and Cloud are my favorites. Piky is a nice pluck that works well for trance and Cloud will do some really nice bass textures. Check it out!


SunVox 1.6.4 released

Another update to SunVox. A lot of bugs fixed and useful stuff has been added, please take a look: new modules: Side Chain Compressor, Amplifier and DrumSynth; added multitrack WAV export; maximum BPM increased to 800; interactive waveform drawing added to Generator (only for type 4); added stereo mode to Input module and online…