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Site update: editor for comments, song descriptions etc   (7 comments)

Hello, folks. Recently added a small rich text editor for music and news comments as well as for tunes descriptions in "My BuzzTunes" section of the site. In fact you should see it right below this news article. If you don't, please let me know and I'll try to fix it. The editor allows you to do some basic formatting like adding bold/italic…


Online player for MP3 and OGG files   (7 comments)

A jPlayer-powered online player has been added to the site (look for the  icon on the tune's description page). The player is known to be HTML5-ready, so it's supposed to handle MP3 and OGG files equally on modern browsers (there's a Flash fallback for older software like Firefox3, IE8 etc). However, if your browser doesn't come with support…


The BuzzWorks album   (3 comments)

Hi, Vaisnava speaking! If you haven't checked out the "BuzzWorks. Moving In Circles" album yet, you can do it here on iTunes. Help support your fellow buzzers and if you're interested in being part of the next release, give me a heads up to the best of your work in the chill-out/groove-out genres. :) You can reply here by commenting this news article…


Freeware codecs from

Visit to get latest binaries of your favorite audio encoder — mp3, ogg, flac, etc. OggdropXPd and LamedropXPd tools are recommended.


Tune of the day

A small feature from the former BuzzMusic project, "tune of the day" has been restored. Tracks with rating 7 and higher will be picked up at random and displayed on the home page. So, stay tuned! P.S. News can now be commented on, just like the tunes. Leave your comments, folks! 


Up and coming podcasts

Just wanna let the community know that I have some sessions planned real soon. April has been really busy for me. Hopefully I can roll out 2 or 3 in May. Stay tuned. Submitted by Xaphoid   


More VST links

Hi! Vaisnava here. Just in case any of you missed this site for VST's (effects and instruments), here it is! A serious "praise" goes out to the TAL team for this freeware magic. :) Enjoy! Another one to put to the list, a free synth that truly, honestly, undoubtably rivals the pro-synths. Thanks to Urs, the maker of the award winning Zebra2…


Spicy Guitar, a free acoustic guitar synthesizer

A team of French developers has created Spicy Guitar, a free physically modeled acoustic guitar synthesizer. It is available for Windows (VSTi and standalone) and for Mac (VSTi and AudioUnit). The main features include: physical modelings of finger/string and fret/string interactions, 9 guitars, 2 types of strings, easy-to-use strumming…


SunVox added to formats list

Hello there, people! Those who use SunVox modular studio can now upload tunes in native .sunvox format — it's been added to the list on the upload screen.


Support for 64-bit systems added to the latest Buzz builds   (1 comment)

Jeskola Buzz now has experimental support for 64-bit systems. There aren't a lot of machines available for this build yet though. It is also stated that Windows XP will not be supported in the future builds.